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Coffee Grinder For The Perfect Taste | Himalayan Coffee Trading

One of the things that matter up to a great extent when it comes to the taste and aroma of espresso is a coffee grinder. A good quality coffee grinder ensures that your coffee beans are ground to the ideal consistency. When it comes to grinding, a lot of people think that a regular grinder and a coffee grinder are more or less the same. Quite a few of them also tend to use the regular grinder for grinding coffee. Now, you could also do the same. However, note that the coffee that is ground using a coffee grinder is worlds apart from the coffee that is ground using a regular grinder. Basically, there are two main differences between a regular grinder and a coffee grinder.

The first difference between a regular grinder and a coffee grinder is that a regular grinder doesn’t guarantee consistency in coarse grinding. Coarse grinding is considered as the ideal kind of grinding especially for making espresso. When you try and grind coffee beans coarsely using a regular grinder, every grain turns out to be of a different shape and size. With a good quality coffee grinder, you can expect every grain of coffee to be of the same shape and size after the grinding process. Always use a coffee grinder for coffee that looks and feels evenly shaped and sized. It is also important to use high-quality coffee grinder for the purpose.

Coffee Grinder

The second difference is that of heat. When you grind coffee beans, it’s important for the beans and the resulting ground coffee after grinding to be at room temperature. If they get heated up too much during the grinding process, they won’t be able to retain their taste and aroma during the brewing stage. The problem with regular grinders is that they tend to heat up the ground material. And so, it is recommended to not use a regular grinder to grind coffee. A good quality coffee grinder ensures that the coffee is ground at room temperature, and that it retains its taste and aroma. Coffee grinder as such do heat up but only after being used for a long time.

The problem with consistency and heat may also occur if you choose a low quality coffee grinder. Few low quality coffee grinders function exactly the way regular grinders do, so, it’s of no use buying such grinders as well. If you’re looking for the ideal end result, which is the best quality espresso, you need to put your head into choosing the perfect coffee grinder. Now, there are so many kinds of coffee grinders available out there. These machines have their unique functionalities. However, while few of them offer the best quality ground coffee, the others don’t. Make sure to do some decent level of research before choosing the coffee grinder for you.

Coffee Bean Grinder

There are so many kinds of coffee bean grinder available out there. These have different functionalities and features, and it’s attributed as such that makes them unique and ideal for coffee grinding. Some of these machines grind using blades, whereas others grind using grinding discs called burrs. The material that is used to manufacture these blades or discs also contributes to the quality of ground coffee. It is important that you look into features as such to determine which can be the perfect coffee grinder for you. Here are a few types of coffee bean grinder.

Espresso Coffee Grinder

To make things quite simple, Espresso Coffee Grinders are the grinders used to ground coffee for making espresso. The barista needs to make sure that the coffee is ground at the perfect consistency, or else, brewing won’t happen in the correct manner. The coffee machine will be incapable of extracting the right aroma and flavor from ground coffee. Espresso Coffee Grinder is available in various shapes, sizes, and capacities, and they belong to numerous price range

Espresso Coffee Grinder

Manual Coffee Grinder

Manual Coffee Grinder is a coffee grinding machine that allows you to grind the coffee using your hands. Manual Coffee Grinders are available in light and heavy versions. Needless to say, the heavier ones are sturdier and offer the barista a better control of the grinding process. The coffee machines are comparatively cheaper than other types of coffee grinders, but understand that operating these requires quite a bit of practice and knowledge of ground coffee consistency.

Manual Coffee Grinder

Cuisinart Coffee Grinder

Cuisinart is actually a brand that manufactures excellent coffee grinder. It is an electrical coffee machine that operates with an on and off switch. The machine gives you instant ground coffee in no time thanks to its coffee grinding blades. Cuisinart Coffee Grinder is a light machine, and so, it is easier to store and clean. It has a bowl and lid that comes off easily. It is one of those commercial and easy on the pocket coffee grinders that singles and families can own easily.

Cuisinart Coffee Grinder

Blade Grinders

Blade Grinders, as the name suggests, are coffee grinders that use blades to grind the coffee. As a matter of fact, the machine doesn’t really grind the coffee, it simply chops up the coffee beans into smaller pieces. The consistency of the ground coffee would depend on how long you keep the machine on. Keeping the machine on for a longer duration will offer you smoother grind, in comparison to keeping the machine on for a less amount of time. These work as food processors, and so, they are cheaper, sleeker, and easier to clean and maintain.

Blade Grinders

Burr Grinder

Burr Grinder is a coffee grinder in a true sense, as it uses two burrs, one placed on top of the other, to grind coffee. The coffee beans are positioned between the two burrs, and they work together to grind coffee. Though burr grinders are available in automatic and timer modes, they are modeled after the vintage manual vintage grinders. The advantage of using burr grinder over blade grinder is that it ensures that the coffee is ground in a consistent manner, whether you’re going for a fine ground or a coarse one. It also prevents heating of the ground coffee.

Burr Grinder

Automatic Grinder

Automatic grinder is a coffee grinder that makes the coffee grinding process easier for the barista. You can automatically control the fineness of your ground coffee beans, without requiring you to set the timer, or keep checking the consistency of the ground coffee. Automatic grinder has a host of features, and so, these are few of the highly priced coffee machines. These are available with burrs or with grinding blades. Depending on your budget or the attributes that the machine offers, you can pick the ideal one for you.


Black and Decker Coffee Grinder

Black and Decker is a company that offers coffee grinders. There are so many makes and models of coffee grinder that the company manufactures. Generally, Black and Decker Coffee Grinders are blade grinders. They are small, easy to use and maintain, and most importantly, affordable. Black and Decker Coffee Grinder allows you to grind coffee for instant use. One of the popular models of Black and Decker Coffee grinder is CBM4 Type 1. There are also other makes and models of coffee grinder available with this brand. Some of them even user burr grinders. One of the known models that user burr grinder is CBM310BD.

Black and Decker

Chefman Coffee Grinder

Chefman is yet another brand that offers coffee grinder. It is one of the most well-known coffee grinder manufacturing companies in the world. It offers all kinds of coffee grinders, automatic, timed, the one that uses burr grinder, the one that user blade grinders, and so on. Chefman Coffee Grinder provides quality with their coffee grinder, whether you choose to buy their high-end devices or the more affordable ones. One of their coffee grinding models – Chefman Coffee Grinder Electric Burr Mill offers up to 17 grinding settings. This way, you’re able to ground coffee for all kinds of coffee based drinks.


Coffee Grinder Machines

Apart from the different types of coffee grinders, there are also different makes and models of coffee grinder machines available in the market. In the end, everything comes to the brand, as it is the one that makes all the difference. Coffee grinder machines of good brands offer great quality, and also offer guarantee and warranty on the machines. One of the best coffee grinders makers is Casadio. Quite like their espresso machines, their coffee grinders are also considered extraordinary. The following are the three most popular coffee grinder machines used in Nepal.

Enea on Demand Grinder

Enea on Demand Grinder is an amazing coffee grinder to own. It has an instantaneous, automatic grinder-doser that allows you to grind coffee beans in a short amount of time, and all you need to do is program it. Due to features such as flat burrs with a diameter of 64 mm, electronic dose setting, and removed hopper security microswitch, it is the favorite of baristas across Nepal. Enea on Demand Grinder is a product by Casadio, which is an Italian company known for its extraordinary coffee machines. Grinding coffee with this coffee grinder is a great pleasure.


Enea Aut Grinder

Now, there are a lot of differences and similarities between Enea Aut Grinder and Enea on Demand Grinder. Firstly, both of them are manufactured by Casadio, and so, features such as automatic grinder and doser, flat burrs with a diameter of 64 mm and removed hopper security microswitch are present in both the coffee grinder. Enea Aut Grinder also has a die-cast chrome painted body, which is yet another attribute common between the two grinders. From the perspective of price, however, this one is quite cheaper than the former coffee grinder.

Enea Grinder Casadio

Theo 64 Grinder

Theo 64 Grinder is yet another product by Casadio. From the perspective of price, Theo 64 Grinder is a mid range product if we’re to consider Enea Aut Grinder and Enea on Demand Grinder. It shares certain features with its counterparts, for instance, flat burrs with a diameter of 64 mm, and die-cast painted body. There are two kinds of Theo 64 Grinder available – one with the automatic grinder doser, and the other one with a timer feature. Getting your hands on Theo 64 Grinder is a great way to go about coffee grinding. It offers you coffee with even consistency.

Casadio Theo 64


So, if you’re looking to buy a coffee grinder, make sure to consider all these aspects. Always remember that no matter how good a regular grinder may be, it can’t replace a goodall coffee grinder. A good quality coffee grinder goes a long way. Also the fact that the quality of ground coffee has a great role to play in the quality of espresso needs to be taken seriously before buying a coffee grinder. If the coffee is ground in the perfect way, the resulting drink will be ideal. It’s all about retaining the aroma and taste of coffee beans during the grinding process.


Himalayan Coffee Trading is known for offering the best quality locally grown coffee beans, globally renowned imported coffee machines, and barista training in Nepal. They started simply as an organization that raised awareness about the difference between organic and instant coffee. However, currently they offer all these products and services. Among these products also includes the accessories used during coffee making, and highly efficient coffee grinders. Coffee grinders determine the quality of ground coffee up to a great extent. One of the benefits of buying the products offered by Himalayan Coffee Trading is that they offer free support services up to a year. Also, if you’re buying coffee machines from them, they tend to set up the machine, and offer you a short training on how to use the machine absolutely free of cost. So, if you’re looking to buy great quality locally produced coffee beans, globally renowned branded coffee machines, and coffee making accessories, like coffee grinder, or are willing to take barista training in Nepal, contact Himalayan Coffee Trading today. You will love their products.

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