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When you’re looking to make a coffee-based drink that smells the best and tastes the best, there are certain things that you must keep in mind. From the quality of coffee beans to the way they are packed and stored, quite a lot of things determine the final taste of coffee. One of the most crucial things that people don’t seem to care about as much is the coffee making machine and accessories that are involved in the process of coffee making. In case the right kind of coffee making machine and accessories are not used, the final result won’t be as per your hope.

There is an international organization called Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). They exist to ensure that the world gets their hands on only the best quality coffee-based drinks. The company has a certain guidelines regarding coffee making. These don’t just talk about the quality of coffee beans, but also the processes like grinding, tamping, and so many other things that are parts of coffee making process. The use of good quality Coffee Making Machine and accessories in the coffee making process is one of the major things highlighted in the rule book.

Coffee Machines

Coffee Machines have a great impact on the coffee that you make. The right kind of coffee making machine allows you to extract the real flavor and smell from coffee, however, to get all that you have to ensure that you follow the right techniques, and use the features that are a part of coffee machines. There are few coffee making machines that have a timer or in other words, a coffee making alarm clock. The coffee making alarm clock ensures that you’re always notified when the coffee is done. In the same way, coffee maker filter is something that you need to purchase in a large quantity, and change it every time you make coffee. Coffee maker filter is nothing but a paper filter, but designed in a way to keep away the tiny particles of coffee away from the drink. Most coffee machines featured in the list require the use of coffee maker filter. When using coffee makers, you need to use the right coffee for machine. The right coffee for machine are simply the coffee beans ground in the perfect texture. Coffee makers face problems preparing coffee drink by using coffee that is not ground in the appropriate manner.

Types of Coffee Making Machines

There are so many types of coffee making machines out there, some of them quite different than the rest. These coffee making machines differ from each other from the aspect of looks and functionality to the final product. The coffee made using one coffee maker or technique is quite different from the one made using the other method. Some require the use of stove or electricity, whereas some don’t require any external heat at all. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain, which is, these are some of the popular coffee making machines types in the world.

Espresso Machines

Espresso Machines are the most advanced coffee making machines out these. Espresso machines are the ones that are used by professional coffee houses and hotels. It is believed to produce the best quality coffee drink possible. Also, the barista is able to follow the coffee making guidelines specified by SCAA only if he uses espresso machines. Since they are advanced, they have more features than regular coffee making machines, allowing the barista to make different kinds of coffee based drinks at the same time. As a result of all these features, these machines are also quite expensive, bulky, and tough to maintain.

Espresso Machine

Casadio Espresso Machines

Casadio Espresso Machines are products of Casadio. The company was formed in 1950, in Bologna, Italy, and since then, it has been producing durable and reliable coffee making machines. The company worked independently for almost 60 years, and then, in the year 2009, it joined Cimbali Group. As per the owners of the company, the merger happened to order to seek innovation and advancement in the field of coffee making machines. Cimbali Group has a monopoly in Italy when it comes to the manufacture and distribution of coffee making machines.

Casadio Undici A2 wd

Espresso Machines use a very simple technique for preparing coffee, which is by passing highly pressurized water through ground coffee. The process ensures that every bit of flavor and fragrance is extracted from the ground coffee into a cup of espresso. The espresso machines are huge with various wands and outlets for liquid like milk and water to disperse. There is a container attached to the machine where water is stored and heated. Thermosyphon system is used to heat the water quickly and pressurize it to pass through ground coffee in the portafilter.

There are so many models of Casadio Espresso Machines available out these. These machines are available in automatic and semi automatic modes. Depending on the model and the features offered in them, the price is specified. Some of the most popular Casadio Espresso Machines are Undici A1/ S1 and Undici A2/ S2. The alphabet A here stands for automatic, and the alphabet S stands for semi automatic. There is also a Undici A2 Wood version available for the individual who prioritize the looks. Casadio Espresso Machines are also feasts for the eyes, i.e. they don’t just offer great performance but amazing looks as well.

Faema Espresso Machines

Faema Espresso Machines are products of Faema. The company was formed in 1945 in Milan, Italy. The owners consider technological innovation as the driving force that helps them produce the best espresso machines. The thought seems quite visible in the coffee making machines that they have manufactured and released, especially the E61 and E71 espresso machines. They are the first one to come up with numerous technological breakthroughs when it comes to coffee making machines. Currently, Faema is a brand that is also a part of the Cimbali Group.

Faema E61 Legend S2

Faema is the company that introduced the concept of transporting pressurized water within the machine with the use of mechanical pumps. This is a feature that is still used by many other companies that produce espresso machines. They introduced this feature in the year 1961, and in the process, replaced the piston based mechanism which was first introduced in the 1950s. The machines developed by Faema also introduced the system of flash heating the water through thermosyphon circuit. This allowed the water to be heated instantly, and prevented the need for the hot water to be transported from one part of the machine to the other for brewing.

There are so many models of Faema Espresso Machines out there. One of the most legendary ones is E61. It is in this model that all these changes and revolutionary ideas were introduced. Other models include E71, Enova A1/ S1, Enova A1/ S2, Faema E98, and so on. All these machines are available in both automatic and semi automatic modes. Needless to say, there are higher range coffee making machines and lower range coffee making machines, and the price depends on the features offered in the machine. One of the best things about Faema espresso machines is the looks. They are designed not just to offer great performance but to have the most stunning looks as well.

Thermal Coffee Makers

Thermal Coffee Makers are way less sophisticated than espresso machine, but still, slightly more sophisticated than the other coffee making machines on this list. The reason why these coffee making machines are called thermal coffee makers is because they keep the coffee warm even after hours, and they do that without the use of electricity or any form of external heat. There is a separate container for the user to fill with water, and a separate one to fill with ground coffee. There is a container at the bottom that is made of thermal insulators, and this is where the final product is stored and kept warm. To prepare coffee, you need to place the water and ground coffee in their respectable places. Then, you can turn on the machine. After the coffee is done brewing, the coffee maker will make a beeping sound, after which you can turn off the unit. As the machine keeps the coffee hot for a long duration, you could pre-make your coffee and let it rest. As thermal coffee makers are a bit sophisticated, there are programmable features in the machine, using which you can program it to make coffee at any given time.

Thermal Coffee Makers

French Press Coffee Makers

French Press Coffee Makers are one one of the most basic and simplest to use coffee making machines out there. Unlike other coffee making machines, this one, requires no accessories, not even coffee filters to be put inside the machine before making coffee. To prepare coffee using french press coffee makers, first you need to warm your french press mug, which you can do by pouring a little bit of warm water inside it, and letting it rest for a while. Then, drain out water completely, and put in ground coffee. After that, put in hot water. Remember that the ground coffee and water needs to be in the right proportion, also, the water shouldn’t be boiling hot. Stir the water and coffee, and put on the lid. Let it rest for a couple of minutes. Now, there is a press mechanism on the handle, and when you use it, all the coffee particles are pressed and locked at the bottom, leaving only the coffee drink at the top. It is because of this pressing mechanism that the coffee making machines are called French Press coffee makers. Press the handle slowly, and pour your coffee into the cups. There it is, a cup of coffee in almost no time.

French Press Coffee Makers

Cold Brew Coffee Makers

Cold Brew coffee makers are coffee making machines that allow you to brew coffee without the use of heat. It is a long-brewing process where you leave you ground coffee mixed in water for around 24 hours. It is believed that coffee prepared like this has much more intense flavor than the ones that are produced conventionally. Regular cold brew coffee makers have an upper compartment where you put your ground coffee and water, and a lower compartment, where the final product is drained. It resembles a pitcher, and can be used to pour coffee into your desired cup. To prepare coffee, place your ground coffee and water in the upper compartment. Make sure that both the ingredients are in the right proportion. Also, the amount of ground coffee required for cold brewing is almost double the amount that you would use for regular brewing. After both the ingredients are placed together, allow it to rest for 24 hours. Generally, cold brew coffee makers have a small lever like button, pressing which transfers the liquid from the top to the bottom container. After 24 hours, press it, and there you have your cold brew coffee.

Moka Pot Coffee Makers

Moka Pot Coffee Makers use a special pot designed to produce coffee. The pot is usually made up of metal. There are two compartments in the pot. The lower one stores hot water, and the upper one stores the finished coffee. The middle section consists of the ground coffee container. It has tiny holes at its base that allows the water to pass through it. To make coffee using moka pot coffee makers, first, you need to add hot water to the base container. Then, you need to add ground coffee in the coffee container and place it on top of the one on the base. Make sure that the coffee is standard ‘drip’ ground, else, it will cause the holes at the bottom to clog. Finally put the upper container on the top and screw everything together. Now, put the unit on the stove at a low heat. After a couple of minutes you will realize the final product being collected at the uppermost container. Actually, there is a vertical tunnel that connects the upper container with the lower one. It is through the same tunnel that the water passes from the lower one to the upper one. Brewing occurs when the water enters the coffee container.

Moka Pot Coffee Makers

Drip Coffee Makers

Drip Coffee Makers are some of the most handy coffee making machines out there. They are light, easy to clean, and take up very less space. It is for the same reason that many offices use the same to allow their staff to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee at any given time. There are two compartments in the machine. The upper one stores water and ground coffee, and the lower one stores the final product. It takes around 5-10 min for this machine to prepare coffee. Now, depending on the type and functionality of your drip coffee makers, you’ll find different features. The simplest ones have only one button, which is to turn the machine on and off. To prepare coffee, all you need to do is put ground coffee and water on the upper compartment, and close the lid. Then, you need to press the ‘on’ button to start the machines. Few machines have a beeping feature that tells you that the brewing process is over. After the coffee is brewed, you will find the final product stored in the lower compartment, which is generally shaped like a pitcher. You can take it out easily, and pour the freshly made cup of coffee in your cup.

Drip Coffee Makers

Siphon Coffee Makers

Siphon Coffee Makers are also known as Vacuum Coffee Makers. The type of coffee making machine was invented in 1830 in Berlin. The coffee machine consists of two beakers one is placed on top of another one, and there is a tiny tunnel that connects them. The lower beaker is filled with water, and is placed above a burner. The two beakers and the burner are parts of the same set. Now, because of the heat from the burner, the water from the lower beaker rises and gets transferred into the upper beaker through the tunnel. Then, ground coffee is added in the water and mixed. After allowing it to simmer for a while, the burner is turned off. The coffee then pours down into the lower beaker through the tunnel. There is a coffee filter installed in the upper beaker which prevents particles of ground coffee from entering the lower beaker. Generally, this is the technique that is used to prepare coffee using siphon coffee makers. Now, despite the fact the process is quite old, it is still used by a lot of coffee houses and households. The only downside to this is that there isn’t any significant difference in the taste of coffee.

Siphon Coffee MakersAccessories For Coffee Machine

Apart from the different types of coffee making machine mentioned above, you also need to get your hands on these accessories for the coffee machine. Now, a few of these items are standard, and you would need them regardless of the type of coffee making machine that you’re using, but a few of them will prove to be useful to you only if you use espresso machine. As a matter of fact, you would not be able to prepare the best cup of espresso without using some of these accessories. So, if you’re a coffee fanatic, you need to have these items in your hand.


There are so many types of coffee based drinks, like caffe latte, cafe mocha, cappuccino, and so on, and it’s obvious that you need to serve them in the right kind of cups. When you’re making coffee at home, it may not matter as much, however, if you’re a business owner, the reputation of your coffee house depends on the kind of cup that you use for serving your coffee. It is a significant thing to consider to get different types of cups, each meant for the various coffee based drinks. You can also have them at home, if not for you, then for your guests.


Shot Glasses

Quite like cups, you would also need to have few shot glasses, especially for drinks like espresso, which is to be consumed in one shot. Generally, when you order an espresso, you either go for a single shot espresso, or a double shot. Needless to say that the latter one is exactly double in quantity to the former one. Specifically, 30 ml for single shot and 60 ml for double shot. Now, it’s ideal to use two different kinds of shot glasses, with different capacities, to serve these espresso shots. A careful approach towards things like these show that you care.

Shot Glasses

Mosa Cream Charger

When you’re making coffee, quite a few drink types require the use of cream. A lot of people even prefer cream over milk in their coffee. Now, cream can be in different forms, and Mosa cream charger generally deals with the thin liquid cream. It is the only one that can be used as the replacement of milk. When you have Mosa cream charger in your possession, you feel great control over the amount of cream that you put in your coffee, which is a crucial factor when it comes to making amazing coffee. Use of cream charger also makes you look professional.

Mosa Cream Charger

Whipped Cream Dispenser

Whipped Cream dispenser, as the name suggests doesn’t deal with thin liquid cream. Rather, it deals with whipped cream, which is a fluffy version of cream produced by continuously whisking the liquid cream. Generally, whipped cream is used on desserts, either as a primary ingredient, or as a garnish. When it comes to coffee drinks, it is generally used as garnish. For the customers who have a sweet tooth, whipped cream is an ingredient of attraction. Whipped cream dispenser gives the barista a proper control over the amount of cream discharged.


Cleaning Powder

Like any other piece of equipment, after using your coffee machine quite a few times, it tends to get dirty. You have to make sure that you time your cleaning routine in a way that it is hygienic for you to prepare coffee by using the machine. Now, you can’t use just any cleaning substance to clean your coffee making machine. You need to use cleaning powder that is produced specifically for cleaning coffee machine. Cleaning powder as such doesn’t just ensure proper cleaning but also keeps the surface of the coffee making machine always new and shining.

Cleaning PowderThermometer

One of the most crucial things about preparing coffee using espresso machine is that the water has to be in the right temperature. If the water is too hot then it will cause the ground coffee to lose its taste, and at the same time, if it isn’t hot enough, it won’t be able to extract all the flavor from the ground coffee. Now, to make sure that your water is at the right temperature, you need to use a thermometer to keep a check at the level of heat. A thermometer as such aren’t quite like the usual ones; they are designed to be used mainly for culinary purposes, in the kitchen.



Though pitchers share a resemblance with cups and glasses, they are not used to serve drinks. Generally, pitchers are used to store liquid items that you’d generally find in a coffee bar, like, milk, cream, water, different kinds of flavoring syrups, and so on. After the espresso is shot out from the machine, the baristas use pitchers to pour milk, cream or other liquids in a certain ratio to prepare a specific drink. Now, the pitchers come in many shapes and sizes, and they are made using various materials. You can buy the ones that suit your needs and comfort level.


Knock Box

Knock Box is one of those pieces of equipment that doesn’t seem important, but is quite crucial in the coffee making process. Knock box is an accessory that is used to collect the puck. Puck is actually the remains of ground coffee that is left after the espresso has been pulled out of it. Now, the baristas and coffee houses could use a regular trash can or a bag to dispose off the puck, but it isn’t considered that hygienic. The knock box allows you to store the puck in a professional manner, and also, it gives that clean and sleek look to your coffee station.


Tamping Mat

Tamping Map is one of the crucial accessories that you need to have at your coffee station. Quite like knock box, it allows you to keep your coffee station clean and hygienic. Tamping Mat is actually the resting spot for your coffee tamper, and your portafilter. There are two accessories that come in contact with ground coffee and water, and so, if kept haphazardly, they could make your station dirty. With a tamping mat attached to your desk, now, you have a proper place to rest your coffee tamper and portafilter. Also makes it easier for you to find them.

Tamping Mat

Coffee Tamper

For many people who don’t quite know what coffee tamper is, well, it actually looks like a handle with the wide flat and round base. During the process of coffee making, the ground coffee is placed in the right quantity in the portafilter, and right after that, coffee tamper is used to press that ground coffee down into the portafilter, and to ensure that the surface is even. Getting the right kind of coffee tamper is important because, if the coffee isn’t tamped well, then the hot water will not be able to extract sufficient amount of flavor and smell from ground coffee.

Coffee Tamper

When you follow the guidelines specified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), you don’t just get a coffee-based drink that smells amazing but tastes amazing too. The coffee beans, right from the moment they are plucked from the bushes till the times you grind them, need to be treated in the right way. The grinding needs to happen perfectly, and finally, when you’re all set to prepare coffee, what you need to ensure is to use the best quality coffee making machine and accessories. Without them, your espresso may not be that good.

Now, though so many types of coffee making machines are available out there, the coffee made using these machines vary greatly. A lot of times, things depend on your taste. So, you could be satisfied with the coffee drink produced by a certain type of coffee making machine. However, it the fact cannot be denied that the best quality coffee can only be made using espresso machines. And it is something that’s backed up by SCAA. With the combination of the right espresso machine and the skill set of the barista, you can get the best cup of coffee possible.

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