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Welcome To Himalayan Coffee Trading

Himalayan Coffee Trading was established in 2012 by Saroj Shrestha. Himalayan Coffee Training is source for all the products related to coffee like espresso machine, coffee accessories, coffee beans, grinders, etc. We are dedicated to giving you the very best of our products with a focus on customer satisfaction and reliability.

We have been providing Barista Training since past few years. Himalayan Coffee Trading has launched new course “Repair and Maintenance Training” as per customer demand. This course is designed to help all the coffee lover or Barista to learn to repair  their coffee machine by themselves and maintain it everyday after work.


Course Detail

  1. How to setup/ install espresso machine (it because different espresso machine have several of way to install).
  2. How to clean and maintain every day after work.
  3. How to descale the tank.
  4. How to check and adjust pump pressure.
  5. How to repair motherboard (general people think only computer have mother board, but the truth is espresso machine also built with mother board.)
  6. How to check & adjust heating water pressure sensor.
  7. How to check wringing
  8. Most important after sell service is why important and why should go regular weekly / monthly visit is essential we trained them.
  9. Last but not the list always focus on main cause of stop working and degrade in coffee brewing.

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