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Knockboxes are used to ‘knock out’ to the spent ground coffee out of the portafilter (filter handle) so the next espresso can be prepared. In most cases, there is a rubber bar that the portafilter basket makes contact with. The knockbox should be cleaned minimum once per day or when full.

Knock Box

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A coffee machine with a built-in coffee grinder that combines warming speed, simplicity and compactness without losing the extraction quality that only freshly ground coffee can provide.


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Technical Features

  • Built in tamper
  • Cup warmer
  • Steam/hot water wand
  • Oval chromed buttons
  • Manometer for coffee pressure
  • Stainless steel appliance body and drip tray grate
  • Brass coffee boiler- 250ml
  • Water tank- 2.7 l
  • Bean hopper capacity:130g


Grinder-doser available into the automatic or timer version.

Flat burrs. Diameter 64.

Die-cast painted the body.


Technical data
Output / h (kg/h) 9
Hopper capacity (kg) 2
Diameter grinding burrs (mm) 64
Width (mm) 260
Depth (mm) 470
Height (mm) 640
Gross weight (kg) 17,5
Net weight (kg) 15
Power at 220-240V~ 50Hz (W) 300


THEO 64 Grinder

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