Instant vs Bean To Cup Coffee Machine: Best Way To Drink Coffee

The trend of drinking organic coffee started in Nepal quite some time ago. But still, a lot of people aren’t quite sure about what organic coffee is. For them, the numerous brands of instant coffee is the real coffee. While they’re quite satisfied with their cup of instant coffee, there are others who feel that organic is the real thing.

With this struggle between instant coffee and organic coffee, there rise another struggle- Instant Coffee machine vs. Bean to Cup Coffee Machine. This is the blog to determine which among them is the best way to drink coffee!

Instant Coffee Machine

Instant Coffee Machines are the simplest forms of coffee machines that you can find in the market. There are containers in the machine to hold milk, water, sugar and coffee. The machine does everything on its own, all you need to do is just press the button, and your favorite cup of instant coffee will be dispensed. Of course, you can program the machine to change the ratio of the ingredients in your drink.

These coffee machines are quite inexpensive. It’s easy to operate then, clean them, and keep them well maintained. No training as such is required.

The only downside to instant coffee machines is that you don’t get that taste and quality of organic coffee. As a matter of fact, with this machine, you won’t be able to make coffee using organic coffee beans.

Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines come in both automatic and manual modes, however, you would require special training to operate this machine. These machines are quite sophisticated, and uses great pieces of technology to offer that creamy frothy great quality coffee. These machines can make coffee drinks with both instant coffee, and as well as organic coffee beans. You can also prepare numerous coffee based drinks to suit the needs to the customers.

Unlike instant coffee machine, bean to cup coffee machine is quite expensive. They’re tough to use, until the user gets the hang of it. They are difficult to clean and maintain.

If you’re to not consider these down sides, bean to cup coffee machine has so much to offer. From amazing taste to variety in coffee drink types, the list doesn’t end.

Now comes the most important question, which is the best way to drink coffee! Is it through the instant coffee machine, or through the bean to cup coffee machine? Now, despite the fact that I personally side along with the latter one, all because of the originality in the product that it is able to deliver, I really think that it’s up to the consumer

It entirely depends on the taste buds of the consumer. If they like instant coffee more, they’ll be more inclined towards instant coffee machine, and if they like organic coffee more, then they’ll be more inclined towards bean to cup coffee machine. That’s the way it is.

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