Free Business Plan For Coffee House

Making a Business Plan for any kind or business is not such a daunting task when you think about it. However, it would require thorough study of the product, market research and analysis, just to start the process. Like any other business plan, a business plan for a coffee house starts with the three Ps – Product, Price and Place.

Here is the description of the three Ps, with few added details, which would contribute to this free business plan for coffee house.


When it comes to Product aspect in the three Ps, businesses tend to think just about the final product, which in this case is the coffee drink. However, what also matters is how the product is prepared.

In order to prepare the best coffee drink, first you need to ensure that you only use best quality organic coffee beans. You’d also want to have a good quality coffee grinder and an efficient coffee machine to process your coffee beans and make the best coffee. Finally, you’d want to hire a skilled barista who knows the ins and outs of coffee making.

Once you have these four aspects, i.e. coffee beans, coffee grinder, coffee machine, and a barista, covered, only then you’ll be able to offer an amazing coffee drink. So, deeply consider the Product aspect, while making your business plan.


Quite like the product, when it comes to price, businesses only tend to think about the cost of the final product, which in this case is the coffee drink. But we need to consider the overall price. Not just the money that we will be paid, but the investment that we need to make.

Starting a coffee house in Kathmandu would require you to invest a lot. You’ll have to invest on the setting of your coffee shop, the equipment like coffee machine, coffee grinder, accessories, and so on. You’ll also need to invest on the staffs. So, carefully consider everything, including the price of coffee machines in Nepal. And accordingly fix the price of your Kathmandu Coffee.

It is very important to make a budget, and include the budget in your plan. Also, stay inside your budget to ensure smooth operation of your coffee house. Keep things simple! The best things in life are often simple!


Place stands for the location that a business owner chooses to establish his coffee house. This is especially significant as a bad location can negatively impact sales up to a great extent, no matter how good the product may be.

While choosing the place, don’t just go for the visibility. Conduct a thorough research on what kind of people live in the area. Would they be interested in organic coffee drinks or not. Failure to acknowledge details as such can seriously impact the growth of the business.

While making the business plan, pay special attention to the Place factor. This one can either make or break your business. If the Place is wrong, nothing else matters.

Carefully considering the three Ps can genuinely affect your business plan positively. So go ahead and make a great business plan, but in terms of doing so, consider the above mentioned points.

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    Please help me to open one coffee house

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    Hello sir/madam
    Please recommend me which one the best coffee machine for cafeteria if it is possible can you send me price details as well because of I don’t have knowledge about this field
    *how much get you charge for Barista training

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