10 Simple Ways To Make Special Coffee | How To Make Coffee At Home

Coffee making process starts with amazing freshly ground coffee. So, first you need to prep your coffee beans for grinding purpose. Roast your coffee beans for 15 minutes, either on a pan or in a coffee roaster. Take the beans out after you hear the second crack, and leave them for cooling purpose.

Now, get your coffee grinder ready for grinding. If you’re using a coffee blender, set it up for grinding mode. It is very crucial for the coffee grinder, or coffee blender to be of an excellent quality. So, just put in the coffee beans. Depending on your choice, you could grind it either coarsely or finely.

It is recommended that you don’t store the ground coffee for too long, else it will lose its taste and aroma. The best thing to do is roast the beans and store it, and whenever you’re in need, grind them fresh.

Now comes the most important part of how to make coffee – the coffee maker. There are different types of coffee makers that are available out there. However in this blog, we’re focusing on these 10 types, made specially for homes. Here are the 10 simple ways to make special coffee at home, using these 10 machines.

French Press

Grounded Coffee is soaked in boiling water and kept inside the machine for some time. Then, a plunger attached to the machine is pressed to extract the coffee. Simple, basic and effective!

Stovetop Moka Pot

Altogether 3 compartments in the pot. The bottom one has boiling water, the middle one has ground coffee, and the top one has brewed coffee. The heat is applied through the bottom to make coffee.


Chemex Filter Paper is kept over a specially designed flask. Ground coffee is kept on top of filter. Finally, boiling water is poured through filter into the flask. And there you have your coffee.

Coffee Cone

The process with Coffee Cone resembles the Chemex, except that on top of the flask, instead of just the filter paper, there is a conical structure. Inside the structure, there’s filter paper and ground coffee.

How To Make Coffee At HomeFilter Cup

Simply add a handy coffee filter, with ground coffee, on top of a coffee cup. Now pour boiling water in it. You’ll realize brewed coffee dripping inside the cup.

Soft Brew

Put ground coffee and boiling water in a soft brew filter. Let it stay for 5-10 minutes, after which, pour your coffee into a coffee cup.


Quite similar to French press, except that the machine is made of three parts, and the plunger looks different. Pressing the plunger exerts air pressure to the ground coffee. And that’s how coffee is extracted.

Espresso Machine

These are automatic coffee makers with separate containers for water, ground coffee and milk. All you need to do is fill the respective containers, and press the button to get fresh brewed coffee.

Single Serving Coffee Maker

These are smaller versions of Espresso Machines. The process is quite same. However, it can produce only a cup of coffee at a time. The quantity may differ from one machine to another.

Vacuum Pot

A specially designed two level flask is used in this process. The bottom layer has water, and the upper layer has ground coffee. The pressure from water vapor is used to brew coffee.

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