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How to make coffee? Well, simply take hot water, add instant coffee, milk and sugar, mix everything and there it is. Your cup of instant coffee is ready to be consumed. But is that the best you can do? Is that the only way how to make coffee.By bringing certain tweaks to this coffee making process, you can transform your cup of coffee, from a regular cup to a professional one. One of such tweaks, and quite possibly the most significant one, is using organic coffee instead of instant coffee powder. Always go for organic coffee beans/ ground coffee, and you’re sure to feel that difference in the taste and aroma.

Similarly, there are other changes that you can introduce to your coffee making process, to make your coffee truly amazing, and quite like the one prepared by a professionals. And so, in this blog, we’re going to let you know how to make coffee like a pro. So stay put and continue reading.

How To Make Coffee With A Coffee Maker

Making coffee with a coffee maker is unbelievably simple. For the demonstration, we’re going to consider, Caferina Brewed Machine, a regular coffee making machine designed for homes.

how to make coffee

First, put some cold water in the water reservoir of your coffee machine. Then, layer the filter basket with coffee filter, single or double sheets, as per your choice. Now, add your freshly ground coffee in the basket, cover the lid, and turn on the start button. And all you need to do now is wait for a decanter full of your freshly brewed coffee.

Also, make sure that the decanter is on the warmer plate before you turn on the start button. You don’t want the freshly brewed coffee to drip all over your warmer plate.

To make great coffee you need to make sure to always use fresh ground organic coffee, and maintain the right coffee to water ratio. Put one tablespoon of coffee and 175 ml of water for regular coffee, or two tablespoons of coffee and 175 ml of water for strong coffee. According to the number of cups, you could increase the amount of coffee and water, but make sure to maintain the proportion.

How To Make Coffee Without A Coffee Maker

You can still make an excellent cup of coffee at home even when you don’t have a coffee machine. And to do so, all you need is a pot, freshly ground coffee, and water, that’s it.

how to make coffee

First, place the pot on the stove and put some water in it. Now, take some ground coffee and stir it in the water. Then, turn on the stove to medium high, and let the water boil for two minutes. At times, use a spatula to stir the water to make sure that bits of coffee don’t stick to the bottom and burn. This will ruin the taste of coffee. At the end of two minutes, take a strainer, and strain the coffee into a cup.

Now, while the proportion of coffee to water in earlier method was as follows- 1 tablespoon of ground coffee in 175 ml of water for regular coffee, and 2 tablespoons of ground coffee in 175 ml of water for strong coffee. Note, that in this method, the amount of water needs to be slightly higher, as a lot of it would steam away in the boiling process.

So, this is how you make a great cup of coffee at home without using a coffee machine.

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    How To Make Coffee With Coffee Beans

    To make the best coffee it is recommended that you use freshly ground coffee. And to grind coffee, what we need is the best quality roasted coffee beans. You could either buy regular coffee beans and roast it at home, or buy pre roasted coffee beans to save yourself from all the trouble. But what’s the fun in that!

    how to make coffee

    Assuming that we have the regular coffee beans, to get started with the process, first we need to roast them. Roasting the beans is crucial, as it releases essential oils and flavors from them, which gives the coffee the most intense taste and aroma. After the roast, let it cool down to room temperature. Now, put the beans into a grinder, and grind them into coffee powder, simple as that.

    Now, few people prefer it smoothly ground, and others like to keep it a little coarse, you could choose the consistency of the ground coffee as per your taste. Also, don’t grind your coffee all at once. Instead of storing ground coffee, store the roasted coffee beans. Grind them only moments before making that delicious cup of coffee.

    After you’re done grinding the beans, use any of the methods mentioned above to brew a refreshing cup of coffee.

    By using any one of the techniques mentioned above, you can make coffee like a pro. Believe us, you’re sure to surprise yourself and your near and dear ones with your outstanding coffee, if you follow the techniques presented in this blog.

    If you wish to learn coffee making skills, and become a true professional, join barista training in Nepal at Himalayan Coffee Trading. Himalayan Coffee Trading was established as an organization creating awareness among people about the differences between organic coffee and instant coffee. Currently, it offers the best quality organic coffee beans, and the most popular coffee machines, for homes and businesses alike, at its outlet. It also offers professional barista training in Nepal to train aspiring baristas on how to make coffee, and how to use coffee machines.

    Want To Learn How To Make Coffee Like A Pro?

    If you are looking for barista training, you have landed to the right place.

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