What Is The Cost Of Barista Training In Kathmandu?

With concepts like organic coffee, farm to table, bean to cup, and so on rising up and getting tremendously popular, people have now started avoiding instant coffee. They have now understood the fact that instant coffee isn’t real coffee, and have started consuming organic coffee. Not just at home but also outside, at coffee shops, they prefer drinking organic coffee.

Even the coffee houses, almost all of them, now serve locally grown organic coffee to its customers. Now, the thing about organic coffee is that it cannot be prepared as easily as instant coffee. To get the right consistency, taste and aroma from organic coffee, you need especially designed coffee machines.

Also, as the consumers have gotten educated, they look for different kinds of coffee based drinks, and not just milk coffee and black coffee, as they did, back in the days. They don’t just look for a tasty aromatic coffee, but also the one that has been beautifully presented.

Coffee Making is no longer a job, it has become an art. The Barista who prepares coffee needs to know about the coffee beans, and what he needs to do to extract the best quality coffee from them. Also, he needs to know how to operate the machine, which isn’t as simple as boiling milk and mixing instant coffee in it. Finally, he needs to know the art of presenting coffee.

Well, Barista’s job may not be as sophisticated as it sounds, but there are these tiny complexities, because of which not everyone can do the job. Or they might be able to, provided that they undergo an intense training. Yes, a training on how to make coffee.

Cost Of Barista Training In KathmanduBarista Training In Kathmandu

A lot of youngsters look forward to join barista training in Kathmandu with a hope to learn the art, and become the professional. Joining is simple. You don’t really need any academic certificate or prior experience or education. All you need is the will. And luckily, there are numerous organizations offering Barista Training in Kathmandu.

In the Barista Training, the aspiring Baristas gets to know all the details about organic coffee beans, and bean to cup concept. They also learn skills like making different types of coffee drinks using coffee machine, cleaning and maintaining coffee machine, coffee art, and so on.

There is no such board to regulate and standardize the syllabus, therefore, what you learn may differ from one company to another. The best thing to do is to find out what these institutes teach, if any internship is offered, and accordingly, what’s the fees. If you’re satisfied, go ahead and join. The average fees for 2 week long Barista training ranges between NPR 15000 to 30000, depending entirely on the training institute.

Himalayan Coffee Trading offers Barista Training to individuals who’re looking forward to learn the art, and become a professional in the field. The company also sells the best quality locally grown organic coffee beans, and world renowned brands of Espresso machine in Nepal like Casadio Espresso Machine.

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