How To Get Free Barista Training In Nepal?

Barista Training in Nepal has been gaining tremendous popularity among youths. From the outside it seems like a plain job of making coffee, but honestly speaking, there’s much more to this than one can imagine.

A Barista need to know all about different kinds of coffee beans, how to roast them, grind them, and extract the best tasting coffee from them. He needs to know how to operate, clean and maintain coffee machines, which are as sophisticated as anything. Finally, he needs to know the art of presenting coffee.

There’s no way that anyone can be naturally good at all this. Luckily, there are all these different training schools, and coffee houses that teach you how to make coffee. All you need to do is find out what they teach, if they offer any internship, and what the incurring fees is, and if you’re satisfied simply join the course.

The course content of the training program, and the fees depend entirely on the training institute or coffee house that is offering the training. While the course content is quite similar, Barista Training Cost in Nepal could differ from mere NPR 15000 to as high as NPR 30000, and even more, for a two weeks program.

Now, considering the fact that it’s a skill based training, and that the trainee would be operating coffee machines worth hundreds of thousands, most of the times throughout the training, the fees seem justified. However, Barista Training Cost in Nepal could be overwhelming for few individuals, especially the ones who desperately want to learn the art, but no financing is available.

Barista Training In NepalFree Barista Training In Nepal

Now, there are so many institutes out there that offer scholarship in their barista training courses, partial, as well as full. It all depends on the financial need and background of the trainees applying for the program. Global financial bodies like World Bank works in collaboration with numerous hospitality training academies to offer free barista training to women and men who are in need of employment, but don’t have any means to get them.

All this is done to help people living in extreme poverty, and give them a fighting chance to learn the art, earn on their own, and become independent. A quick search through the internet and visiting even few of the general coffee houses and training institutes should be enough to figure out where these schools are located.

Yes, looking for such schools could be a daunting task, but they’re out there in Kathmandu itself. Barista Training in Nepal is no longer exclusive to just the individuals who can pay for the course. It is for anyone, who wants to learn the art. All they need to do is find the right path.

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