How To Choose Right Coffee Grinder For Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Coffee Grinder has a great role in the quality of the coffee that is served to the consumers. These machines can either make or break the coffee, as they’re responsible for the taste, aroma and color of the ground coffee, which is the primary ingredient in all coffee based drinks.

Coffee grinders with different features and functionalities are available in the market. It is very crucial to review them before buying the machine. They are available in different sizes as well, as few of them are small coffee grinders, while others are big. It’s also very important to consider the parts of coffee grinder, as they have a major role in the quality of ground coffee.

Two of the most important parts of coffee grinder are Burr and Blade. As a matter of fact, these have the biggest impact in the grinding quality, as their purpose is to grind the coffee beans. Now, a grinding machine can either have a blade or a burr, and this makes all the difference

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Burr Grinders VS. Blade Grinders

Cheap machines with blade grinders tend to grind your coffee in an uneven manner. The resulting ground coffee has dust as well as chunks in it. While brewing, the coffee machine tends to over extract coffee from the fine particles, and under extract the same from the big chunks. This severely affects the taste and look of coffee, giving it an unbalanced and bitter taste, and quite an unpleasing look.

Coffee GrinderOne the other hand you have burr grinders, and one should always go for them, as they grind the coffee quite evenly. So whether you want finely ground coffee, or coarsely ground, with burr grinders you can expect consistency with every particle.

A burr grinder has two burrs. One burr is placed on the top of another one, with a little space in the middle. Only one burr moves, while the other burr remains stationary. During the grinding process, the coffee beans is put at the center of the machine. They get grinned as they pass through the space between the two burrs. The resulting ground coffee is much consistent in its texture.

You can adjust the space between the burrs to control how fine you want the ground coffee to be. You could make it fine grounded, or coarsely grounded.

The Best Burr Type

Burrs come in different sizes and shapes, and they’re made using different materials. Now, depending on the need, the users can pick a machine with a burr that has a build of their choice.

Burr Shapes – Flat and Conical

They come in mainly two shapes – flat and conical. Now, which among them is better is quite a debatable topic. However, it is believed that by using machine with flat burrs, you get a more even texture than by using the one with cone burrs.

Coffee GrinderThe speed of the burrs has a great role in the consistency of the texture of ground coffee. The cone burr tends to move at a higher speed during the grinding process. Its speed is hard to control. Now, because of this particular feature, it is able to produce coffee faster, but the resulting product has uneven particles. The ground coffee produced using cone burrs is still good for press and pour type of coffee.

On the other hand, flat burrs move at slow speed, which you’re able to control more precisely, in the grinding process. The end result is a more consistent ground coffee. The ground coffee produced from flat burrs is best for brewing espresso.

Want To Buy Best Espresso Machines?

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Burr Size and Material

Similarly, burrs are available in different sizes. It is available from 40 mm to 83 mm in size. The former one is considered ideal for homes, while the latter one is meant for businesses. The larger the size of the burr, the higher quality grinding it does, and at significantly less amount of time.

Coffee GrinderLikewise, materials like steel and ceramic is used to make burrs. Even titanium coated burrs are available in the market. Ceramic burrs stay sharper for a longer period of time, however, any foreign object in the coffee can damage it easily. Steel burr, on the other hand, loses its sharpness early, but it’s tougher. It goes without saying that Titanium burrs last a lifetime.

Burr Grinders – Price Range and Motor Power

When it comes to price, quite like any other machine, the higher you go on the price range, the better quality grinding machine you can expect. The most expensive grinding machine tends to have parts made of metal, while the cheapest one has that made of plastic.

Certain machines that are somewhere in the middle of the range has both metal and plastic parts. The expensive grinders tend to give better performance, and last for a longer period of time, in comparison to the cheaper ones.

Likewise, grinders have motor power measured in watts (w). They are available in the range of 100 w to 400 w and more. A grinder with higher motor power can grind more amount of coffee, at a faster rate, than the one with lower motor power.

The former one is able to perform for a longer period of time, while the latter one might require breaks of 10 minutes or less, after every 60 seconds of grinding. This particular feature impacts the efficiency of the barista up to a great extent.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you buy a small coffee grinder or a big one, or whether you go for reputed brands like CASADIO, or any other. As long as you consider the features mentioned while buying a coffee grinder for your home or cafe, you will be on the right track.

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