FAEMA Espresso Machines Review – E71E

Coffee is one of the most preferred food items these days. It is consumed in various forms- hot beverage, cold beverage, desserts and so on. It goes without saying that the most popular form is hot beverage. Now, to make an excellent hot cup of coffee, you need a great coffee machine. Of course, the quality of coffee based drink also depends on the quality of coffee beans, and the barista preparing the beverage. However, it’s the coffee machine that changes the game.

Now, the coffee houses and cafes across Nepal, and even all over the world, depend on the latest, the most dynamic and efficient coffee machines to make coffee. These machines help them offer the best cup of coffee to their customers, wow them, and keep them satisfied. One of such coffee machines is Faema E71E espresso machine.

The machine has been able to gain tremendous popularity among cafes and coffee houses in Nepal, and so, in this blog, we’re going to conduct Faema E71E Review. In this Faema E71E espresso machine review, we’ll discuss all its features and functionalities to determine what makes it so popular. So, stick with us till the end.

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About Faema E71E Espresso Machine

Faema E71E espresso machine is an amazing coffee machine from the world-renowned Italian coffee machine brand called Faema, which is part of a larger enterprise known as Cimbali Group. The machine is preferred by coffee houses not just in Nepal, but all over the world.

The company claims that the machine offers the best quality coffee, with its automatic features. As it is a traditional coffee machine, it also allows the barista to prepare coffee manually, while interacting with the customers simultaneously.


Faema E71E boasts of features such as new steam wands, adjustable pressure setting, new spray heads, hot water wand, redesigned handles, new filter holders, and range steam lever. The machine also has astounding attributes like a hydraulic circuit with GTi control system and an ergonomic and intuitive display.

FAEMA Espresso Machines ReviewThe machine is also customizable up to a great extent. The coffee shop or individual buying the machine can have the rear panel, the heads of the new groups, the covers of the steam traps, and the filter holder handles customized as per their comfort and preference.

When it comes to price, Faema E71E cost is quite affordable, as the machine offers the best value for money.

Functional Area And Performance Of The Machine

he hydraulic circuit with GTi control system allows the barista to prepare different types of coffee based drinks, with full control of temperature, and optimal extraction of coffee. The new filter holders also assist in the extraction of coffee in the best possible manner. The ergonomic and intuitive display makes it quite easy for the user to input all the commands and operate the machine.

The handles and wands are designed comfortably to give the barista a pleasant coffee making experience. On top of that, the barista can choose to customize them even further, by making them longer or shorter, or even replace the grip.

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Convenience With The Machine

The machine is designed focusing completely on the ease of the barista or the user making coffee. From the intuitive display to the wands and handles, everything makes sure that the coffee maker has the best and the most comfortable experience using the machine.

When the baristas are comfortable in their positions, while making coffee, they can keep an eye on everything, ensuring the right portion of coffee, the frothing on it, the presentation and so on.

The machine is not just easy to use, but also quite simple to clean and maintain. And despite all this, Faema E71E cost is quite affordable, making it easy on the pockets of the businesses and individuals willing to have the machine installed.

Accessories Available With The Machine

Faema E71E comes only with a Faema espresso machine manual, which tells you everything that you need to know about the machine, including the instructions on how to operate it. If you’re in need of accessories such as Americano and Cappuccino cups, shot glasses, coffee tamper and so on, you can get it by paying extra. Apart from Faema espresso machine manual no added accessory comes in the package.

Support And Warranty Offered With The Machine

The company offers one year of warranty on repair and replacement of parts of Faema E71E. This means that if your coffee machine stops working, or any of its parts gets damaged, you can have it repaired or replaced, absolutely free of cost, within one year from the date of purchase.

FAEMA Espresso MachinesThe customers are also provided unlimited support services with Faema E71E. So, anytime you face a problem operating the machine, just give them a call. Also, at the time of purchase, the organization offers you a short training on how to operate and clean the machine, and also keep it well maintained. This familiarizes you with the machine, and you’re able to use it efficiently.

So, to bring this Faema espresso machine review to an end, what can be said is that Faema E71E is an absolutely gorgeous and reliable coffee machine. One should definitely have it if they wish to please their customers, by offering them the best cup of coffee. Faema E71E Review goes on to prove that the machine is durable, reliable, efficient, yet quite lightweight, making it ideal for all kinds of cafes and coffee houses. Provided that it suits the budget one could also choose to have it installed at home so that a great cup of coffee is never actually away from you.

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