5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Coffee Machine

Varieties of coffee machines are available in the market these days. So many models and brands that you’re bound to get confused. So, to help you out, here’s a blog on 5 Things you should know before buying coffee machine.

Latest Technology

While looking for a coffee machine, inspect if there are any latest modern and unique features that can make the taste of coffee or your coffee making experience better. For instance, the Thermosyphon System in Casadio Undici lets the barista have full control over the temperature of water at all times, allowing him to make different coffee based drinks at short intervals.

In the same way, the Volumetric Pump and Pre-infusion system in Faema E61 allows the barista to produce the best tasting espresso. The features let him control the atmospheric pressure inside the machine, and the contact period of water and ground coffee at all times.

Automatic Features

Also, try to find out if the machine has automatic features as this doesn’t just make it easier for you to make coffee, but improves the taste of coffee up to a great extent. Faema E61 has an automatic boiler which optimizes the storage of water and the use of steam in the machine. The automatic version of Faema 361 even features hot dosed water and beverage selection, allowing the barista to make multiple coffee based drinks in a short span of time.

Serving Capacity

Serving Capacity simply means how many portions of espresso the espresso machine can dispense at the same time. Usually, it’s one portion at any given time. However, you can change this by buying a machine that has multiple boilers, steam wands and group heads, rather than just one. This allows the barista produce multiple cup of coffee at a time, instead of just one, making the service quite quick.

Coffee MachineUser Friendliness

Altogether, the machine needs to be user friendly. Features such as comfortable wand grip, digital control, mechanical input system, and so on contribute a lot to making a machine user friendly. Look for these features so that the barista always finds it simple, and enjoys using the machine.


One of the major problems with espresso machines is the productivity. Not all coffee machines can continuously work and produce coffee. You need to give them rest, or they will go out of order pretty soon. So, while picking a coffee machine, make sure that it can work for a long time.

The machine shouldn’t just be able to work continuously for a long time, it should also be durable and serve you for years. Faema E61, for instance, boasts of a steel body, which makes it pretty durable. Similarly, Casadio Undici comes with both aluminum and steel body, which also makes it durable.

In the end, it goes without saying that do consider you budget while buying the machine. It needs to match the coffee machine price.  A high Espresso Machine price doesn’t give the best coffee, it’s the efforts of the barista.

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